Textured screw

Start with new layer and use the elliptical marquee tool to make a circle. Save the selection

Fill with gray and feather by 5 pixels, Invert the selection and move it 2 pixels down and 2 to the right, now edit/fill/100%white

Move it 4 pixels up and to the left then edit/fill/100%black

Load your selection, invert it then cut. Then make a selection like this then edit/fill/40% black

Move the selection 2 pixels to the left then fill with 100% white then move it back 4 pixels and fill with 60% black

Now rotate the screw to your desired angle using edit/transform/rotate

Adjust curves a little bit to bring it out more then add greyscale noise using these settings

Thats it, a decent textured screw, you can get the action for this tut on the actions page

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