TextFx 2

Second of a 2 part tutorial dealing with basic text effects, this gives you nice random area's to use as cracks or bumps

Start with your plain text from the last tutorial

Select the text, make a new layer and fill it with black

Now apply the distort/glass filter, mess around with it, i used blocks set at d15 s14 85%

Select colour range and choose the white area, then invert the selection

Cut the waste away, reselect the layer and you're left with nice shapes to play with

I colorized this, added noise then inner bevelled it.


As the shapes are random, you can do whatever you want to them, maybe pillow emboss them and add noise to make cracks, try using the sponge filter instead of the glass filter to give different shapes, and most of all, experiment. Get to know the bevel & emboss very well, use different gradients and settings. Below are a few examples with brief descriptions of what i did to get them.

I repeated the steps above a few times and colorized them, then pillow embossed them

I just added noise, pillow embossed them, duplicated the text layer, spherized it, then zigzag, the gaussian blurred it a bit

Simple colorize and inner bevel

Patchwork filter, inner bevel

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