Stitched Leather

Start with a colour similar to this
Apply the texturizer/canvas filter at 100% with depth 5
Now apply the artistic/pallette knife filter with these settings 15/3/6
Gaussian blur it at around 4
Create a selection then copy and paste it to give you a new layer
Add a shadow with the airbrush using the darkest colour on the canvas (pick with eyedropper)
Now apply the lighting effects filter on default until youre happy with it (make sure the layer is selected in texture channel)
Apply the texturizer/burlap filter to both layers at 200%, depth 1, now choose a cream colour and add the stitches by entering text, round fonts look the best (letter L).

Rasterise the type then apply the layer effect/bevel & emboss to the type with these settings: Pillow emboss/Chisel soft/d980%/size5pix/soften6pix.

Thats it, all i did other than that was add another lighting effect and airbrush a shadow onto the bottom layer

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