Rusty Chrome Text

Start with a new image in RGB mode
and write the text with black foreground colour.

Select the text and create a new layer, Edit/fill with 50% grey

Apply the Gaussian Blur filter at around 6.5

Now apply the lighting effects on default like this, make sure the texture channel is ticked

This is what you should get

Adjust the curves with these approximate settings

Thats your chrome done, now to add the rust, select the text again and make a new layer

Fill the layer with a brown colour

Apply the distort/glass filter with these settings: D15 S15 scaling 76% and blocks

Select colour range and select the dark colour, invert the selection and cut, you'll end up with this

Select this layer and adjust the hue & saturation to a light brown, make sure you tick colorize

Apply the noise filter at around 17 monochromatic and goto blending options and select darken. Thats it, rusty chrome text, i just added a dropshadow.

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