Organic textures

This tut gives you numerous stone/organic textures to use for whatever purpose, just stop when you've done the texture you require
Start by setting your foreground and background colours to something similar to this, then use the gradient tool to fill
Apply the texture/grain fliter on vertical, intensity 14 contrast 6

Now add some gaussian noise, around 3 and monochromatic, then apply the brush strokes/spatter filter, spray radius 25, smoothness 5
Use the sharpen edges filter about 5 times
Apply the artistic/sponge filter, brush size 8, defenition 3, smoothness 1
Use the lighting effects filter on default and tick the red texture channel
Sharpen edges a couple of times
Adjust the brightness and contrast, +22 & -6 approximately
Apply the texture/ grain filter, set on stippled, intensity 3, contrast 24
Lighting effects again, on default with the red channel ticked
Apply the sharpen edges to finish, experiment further, there are countless possibilities, this just gives you a few different textures, based on one gradient.

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