Glass Examination Tube

Start by making sure the silver gradient is loaded , if not, load the metal gradients then make a rectangular selection on a new layer and fill using the reflected gradient tool like this

Make another selection just above and fill it with mid grey

Now do the same as the first step only slightly wider

Duplicate the layer, then edit/transform/flip vertically, put them at the top and bottom, then apply sharpen/unsharp mask to bring them out a bit

Now onto the glass, make a selection like this on a new layer underneath the others then fill with the silver gradient again

Knock the opacity down to 30%, hide the background, set your foreground colour to black and using the foreground to transparent gradient, nick the edges like this, usually about 1cm

Set your foreground to white and on a new layer, and using the same gradient , do it again only slightly narrower, allows the black to show underneath (for white backgrounds)

Now to add a highlight, create another layer, make a selection like this and nick the edge with the transparent gradient again

Just gaussian blur this layer at around 2.5 to finish it off

That's it, works on any background, you can fill your new tube with anything you like


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