Painting technique

This is definately definately a tablet tutorial as you need the pressure settings, and you do need to be able to draw or paint. Everyone uses a different technique, this is my method, i tend to use the standard hard round brushes, and start with a dark canvas, building up form first instead of detail, this is only of a face and it only took around 10-15 mins but the method works well with any subject or timeframe
You need to make sure your stylus is set to opacity, as this relies on pen pressure, start planning out your rough image
Slowly start to bring up the highlights, building your image up with the pressure of the lighter colour

Gradually build up the shape and decide on your lighting at this early stage
Start adding more colour and add detail with a smaller brush
Using the smudge tool, smooth out all the unwanted roughnes and re-add more detail
Add more colour, and work on the highlights, defining the shape a little more
Smooth it out again and add more detail and you're done, a very quick example granted, but work on it and you can paint anything pretty quickly
All i did to this was to knock the contrast up to finish, the beauty of this method is you can spend as long as you want on the image, you can make it look good in an hour, or keep rendering for longer, although it's sometimes difficult to stop hehe

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