Cool sphere

Start with a grey background something like this, try and make the canvas as square as possible

Using a small round brush, draw a small circle, make a selection around it like this and goto Edit/define pattern

Deselect then goto Edit/fill the choose the pattern you have just made, fill it then make a circle selection

Apply the distort/spherize filter at 100%

Goto lighting effects and apply a soft omni at default settings like this, tick the red texture channel to give it the lumpy texture

Invert your selection and cut away the waste with black as your background colour, i shrunk it down a touch using edit/transform/scale before going to the next step

Duplicate that layer, apply a lensflare in the top left corner of the sphere then radial blur it by 20

Just set your blending option to color dodge 100% for that layer and you're done

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