Convincing wood

Start by setting your colours to a light and dark brown like this then apply difference clouds and add monochromatic noise at around 6
Apply the filter/artistic/drybrush and mess around with the settings, i used 10, 10, 2
Knock the brightness down to 20 and the contrast up to 30
Apply the filter/distort/shear so it looks similar to this. Duplicate this layer to use as an overlay in the next step
On your new layer motion blur it by 999pixels, angle 0. Duplicate this layer to use as the knots later, you should now have 3 layers
On the middle layer set the blending option to overlay, thats the basic wood texture done
Now, on the top layer, apply the filter/distort/polar coordinates to make the knot

Select a circle of this and shrink it down using edit/transform/scale

Place the knot (or knots, just duplicate them if you want more) then set the blending options to overlay
Now just do a couple of 1 or 2 pixel lines to make the panels, add a darker line to the top to make it look as though it's carved out. Done.

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