Camera lens

This tutorial will give you a spycam type lens, start by filling a reasonably square image with the gradient tool, black to dark grey like this
Add a lensflare (105mm prime) at 100%
Now apply the distort/zigzag filter at 100%, 8 ridges
Now using the elliptical marquee tool, make a circle around the centre portion and inverse the selection, (remember, holding shift while dragging will give you a perfect circle)
Using the gradient fill tool again, fill the selection like this
Make another circle selection about 8mm larger around the centre portion
Inverse the selection again and fill with the gradient tool once more only this time drag from the opposite corner
Now to make the tiny lens, select a small circle and fill it with black

Apply the lensflare with the same settings as last time, then radial blur it at 20%
Thats it, i just added some text and warped it and added a few screws

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