Completely useless tutorial hehe, was playing with different filter combinations, will only work in ps7, you could swap the diffuse/anisotropic option to maybe a small gaussian blur if you have ps6 or other, there may be other uses to this technique, maybe celtic crosses, i dunno have a play around

Start with your background colour set to white and foreground to black and using the radial gradient make a circle like this

Apply stylize/glowing edges with edge width=8, Edges brightness=8 and smoothness=2

Now apply stylize/find edges

Make a circular selection, invert it, and cut to make it more round

Now apply brushstrokes/ink outlines with stroke length=38, dark intensity=10 and light intesity=10

Apply stylize/diffuse and set it to anisotropic, that's it.

With a bit of tweaking it looks pretty nice, i just altered the hue then brightness/contrast, deleted the middle and put it on it's own layer, bit of dropshadow and placed it on a texture

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