Barbed Wire

Start with a black image, on a new layer make a line about 3 pixels thick in mid grey, duplicate this layer

Using the shear filter, bend the first layer like this

Now do the same but slightly different on the next layer

Apply the layer effect/bevel & emboss with the inner bevel setting to both layers

Using a small brush, draw the barbs on a new layer in mid grey again

Apply the layer effects/bevel & emboss with the inner bevel, set it to around 260, tick dropshadow aswell to darken the joins

Merge the layers together then using the polygonal lasso cut the barbs to make them sharp

You should end up with something like this

Just add monochromatic noise set to around 7 to finish it off. I added some blood and lighting effects to the one below. The action for this is on my actions page.

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