Advanced Scanlines

Ps6 only tutorial, ditherbox was replaced with patternmaker in v7

This is an entirely new way of going about scanlines, with the use of the highly overlooked filter, ditherbox. Not only do you get an extremely customisable pattern, it goes smaller than a pixel too, open your image to start, then create a new layer and fill it with black.

Now open the ditherbox filter ,you basically get a small box, and a pattern list, click on a pattern on the left, then make a pattern like this (notice how you can change the size of the canvas too)
Press fill and change your blending mode, you can just knock the opacity down to around 20% but i prefer to play around with blending modes before i do ( i think this was set to soft light, 30% opacity)
This will give you better scanlines than you ever thought possible, there is no limit to the variations with size/shape of your pattern
I'm pleased i found a practical use for this wonderful filter as it is probably the only one i have never played with, it has immense potential
Don't be afraid to try different colours other than black and white for interesting results, you'll notice in this example that the scanline is much smaller than you can achieve by any other method apart from rescaling
it may be tiny, but it's a powerful tool that's gone forgotten for too long, die boring scanlines die, long live the smilylines



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