Welcome to Noir Art Entertainment Artpack issue 04/2k

we are back - i think - and almost nothing has changed. a new
artist joined us. his nick is w4 and i think you can prepare to see
some good art from him in the future. unfortunately we have to
say goodbye to ||ort and hive, who left us and whom we wish
much fun aswell as success in their lifes.

some guest releases were sent in by Rus (deathbr@noir.org)
and Catbones (catbones@acid.org), thanks alot guys. we also
want to greet and thank the staff from romple.com, which
became quite well known in the artscene since it's opening some
months ago. they do reviews, interviews and group aswell as
artist rankings. be sure to check it out!
that's it for now.

if you've got questions or want to apply mail cyberd@noir.org
or bweasel@noir.org. have much fun with the pack..
The Noir Art Entertainment Team