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Maya 3.x/4 Mel Scripts

clipWizard 1.6 -A Visor replacement for all Clip and Pose actions.Instead of having to scroll through a whole list of Clips and Poses hidden under thumbnails, you get a full list of the Clips and Poses. If you're in the game business and you use TRAX to do your animations, clipWizard comes in handy. Especially when you have 100+ animation clips. A few other features are Batch Playblast, Import AnimClips, Export AnimClips, BatchCWProc, Remove Unused Tracks from TRAX. By: Gino Dammers

node Lister 1.0 -Lists all nodes of a specific type in your scene. This comes in handy when for example, you're looking for all the layeredTexture nodes to rename them from layeredTexture## to "LT_name" nodeLister also comes in handy when searching for duplicate names like joint1|joint1|joint1. By: Gino Dammers

getConnectedJoints1.0 -Select all joints skinned to the selected Object. If you skin your objects using "Selected Joints" instead of "Complete Skeleton", this script comes in handy when you want to detach a skinned object, add some modifications to the model and reattach it later on. You would run the script which selects the joints for you.. This selection you can add to a Quick Selection Set to be used later when you want to reattach the model. By: Gino Dammers

axisControl 1.0 - This script eliminates the need of double clicking on the move or rotate tool to switch axises. AxisControl creates a little interface on your Maya window that lets you quickly switch between axises (Move - Object, Local, World) - (Rotate - Local, Global, Gimbal), depending on your current tool.. The Move Tool or Rotate Tool. Once installed the AxisControl window will automatically update every time you switched Tool.. If you switch to a tool that's not Move or Rotate, AxisControl will automatically hide itself. It will show itself again when you select Move or Rotate. By: Gino Dammers

Average Position - Remember those moments when you use the Scale manipulator to align a couple of vertexes with each other? You have to scale over and over again till the scale manipulator locks (or flips out :)) ? Well this script does it for you.. select the vertexes and tell it which axis it should align the vertexes to.. No more scalling till the manipulator locks. Little time saver when modeling. By: Gino Dammers

freezeM 1.0 - Freeze'Em is an quicker version of the Freeze Transformation tool.. I made this scripts cause I wanted a faster way to go through freezing objects. By: Gino Dammers

quick polysmooth 1.0 - This is basically the polySmooth command 'without' selecting all the faces at the end. (which takes up a LOT of time). By: Gino Dammers

copy clipboard - Copy/Paste's values (not keyframes) from selected channels in the Channelbox.. Windows's CTRL+C(copy) and CTRL+V(paste) clipboard commands only work with one channel selected. With this scripts you can copy values from all selected channels. And paste it to another object if needed. By: Gino Dammers

copy tangents - Two functions in 1 scripts.. CopyTangent: Copy's tangent value of selected key to clipboard PasteTangents: Pastes the tangent value in the clipboard to selected keys. By: Gino Dammers

equalize tangents ends - Copies the tangents value of the FIRST frame on the animCurve and pastes it to the LAST frame on the animCurve. Great for doing cycles. Of course you can do the same thing with the script above, "copyTangents". By: Gino Dammers

poly smooth control 1.0 - polySmoothControl looks up all the polySmooth Nodes in your scene and gives you control over all of them in one panel. By: Gino Dammers

Locator At Center - Simple script that creates a new Locator at the pivot of the selected object. Instead of the usual 0,0,0. By: Gino Dammers

CPS layer switch 1.0 - Simple script that switches between your the cpsBase and cpsProxy layers when using ConnectPolyShape by Dirk Bialluch. I made this script because I don't like seeing both the lowpoly and the smoothed version of the object at the time. This script lets you switch back and forth between the proxy(original) object and the smoothed(result) object. Adding this to a hotkey ( '0' ) will basically gives you the same workflow as working with MetaNURBS in Lightwave.. Model.. Check Result.. Model.. Check Result.. By: Gino Dammers

find Nme 1.0 - This script find all the Non-Manifold edges. When found it selects the edges and opens the Component Editor. By: Gino Dammers

Control Box - Simple script for creating a control box when setting up custom rigs snap it to a joint or point constrain it, then edit the shape in component mode simply source this file, then type controlBox; at the command line drag to your shelf for quick and easy use you can change its color by typing: color -ud # where # = 1-8. By: Ice

Maya 4.x Mel Scripts:

AEfile Template - Adds 2 buttons/features to the Attribute Editor when selecting a file texture. View File Texture: This will open up the file in external viewer. Which viewer depends on which program in Windows is associated with that extention. I.E. .tga = ACDSee. Edit File Texture: You're given the option to set a editor (i.e Photoshop). From that moment on when you click on the Edit button it opens or if already open passes the file to the external editor. By: Gino Dammers

graph editor panel - Adds 3 buttons/features to the GraphEditor - copyTangents / pasteTangent and Equalize Tangent End. By: Gino Dammers

generate channel menu - Adds "Copy Channel Values" and "Paste Channel Values" from copyClipboard.mel to the Channelbox menu. By: Gino Dammers

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