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Welcome to #Noir. We are a group of artists, enthusiasts and supporters as well as friends. Formed from a wide cultural makeup and variety of different art experiences, we gather here for a variety of reasons. One of which is recreation, we also lend a hand to each other if we can, or others, on the path to learning. The following guidelines, we hope, will help keep this communal meeting place in positive tone for everyone that joins. If you feel that you can follow these guidelines click "Proceed" below to join our chat through the website.

#Noir User Guidelines (revisions made as needed)

1. Keep language appropriate. This includes keeping profanity and unnecessary vulgarities to a minimum.

2. We ask that all channel users respect each other's ideas and thoughts even if we don't agree with them. Anytime a group of people gathers in a common meeting place differences of opinion become apparent. It's fine to agree that we don't agree. Personal or generalized attacks are not appreciated from any user.

3. Do some research for yourself. You aren't stupid, no matter how hard you try to prove otherwise. Read the help files (F1), visit sites with tutorials and message boards and search for related questions. Often your question has been answered by these sources already.

4. Please refrain from private messaging someone you don't know, without asking him or her first. Generally questions to one individual will not get you much help as a question in channel.

5. Please don't repeat. If your question is unanswered, there are a great many reasons (NONE of which include: the rest of the channel being jerks, incompetent or whatever you might think). If your question goes unanswered for fifteen minutes, then you can ask again.

6. No Warez. #Noir is an art channel not a warez channel. Do not solicit serials or cracks. If you do you will get either a kick or ban. Please do not use triggers in the channel, there are no offer bots. Using commands such as !list @find !ftp etc. greatly annoys many people in the channel and may result in a ban.

7. Please do not Spam/Advertise unless it relates to your question or a current discussion. Please keep your Spam in the can.

8. No posting of annoying page links that are malicious (i.e. cause some computers to crash/lag etc.) or porn related links. If a link you post does contain what some might consider being offensive, please include a warning with your post before hand.

9. #Noir's primary language is English, however we have a diverse international user base and welcome users from all countries to join us.

10. Get some fresh air and exercise regularly, and smile even when there's not all that much to smile about.


For those out there who prefer to join through an IRC client such as mIRC:

IRC: Please feel free to visit us in #Noir on efnet


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